Computer, MacBook, Laptop and Electronic Repairs Tweed Heads & South Gold Coast Areas by Network Protection and Management

I'm Todd Hayden, your local Tweed computer repairs technician and general electronic repairs technician.

I provide these professional services for businesses, work-from-home professionals and individuals:

  • Diagnosis and resolution of a multitude of computing issues, as well as upgrades, installations and general data/file recovery pertaining to desktop, laptop, tablet and server computers and smart phones running Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and iOS, Android operating systems.
  • Some common issues: keyboard keys not working; black screen; white screen; glitching or flickering screen; lines on screen; cracked or damaged screen; doesn't turn on; turns off or reboots randomly; freezes up or hangs; stops responding; slowness; unwanted pop-ups; malware or virus infection; doesn't load or boot up; profile not loading; flashing question mark on folder; can't access network or internet, email not working, printer not working, date not saving or date resetting, certificate errors...
  • Issues pertaining to hardware (board replacements and electronic component level repair), software and networking. I'll take a look at pretty much any electronic appliance! plasma and LED TVs, large computer monitors, consoles, MacBooks, etc (except for smart phone hardware repairs at this point in time).
  • Bring me your dead MacBooks and iMacs! Replacing a MacBook logic board is very expensive, typically at least $700 to over $1000 which encourages the customer to spend more money to buy a new MacBook. Instead, bring it to me and I may be able to repair the logic board at the electronic component level. What's the cost? Ranges from $350 to $550 depending on how much work is required. Here's an example:
  • Internet security to prevent malware infection (anti-malware/anti-virus, spam filtering and firewall protection) and malware removal (disinfecting your device).
  • You can visit me at my office or I can call out to your location.

I'm often asked if I sell laptops and computers. I sell one, and only one, computer: The Intel NUC ultra compact computer, because they're tiny, state of the art, and fast! Click here to see more about the Intel NUC ultra compact computer.

Have a look around and contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you, as I'm sure it will be mutually beneficial.

Thank you
Todd Hayden
Owner, Operator, Technician

About Me

I established Network Protection and Management as a sole trader on the 13th of December 2004. I've been doing computer repairs in Tweed Heads, Tweed region, Coolangatta and the south Gold Coast region since 2002 and have worked full-time as the I.T. Administrator for a law firm for 3 years since 2001. I have a creative and technical inclination which allows me to express my skills in a variety of ways, thereby giving me an edge over most I.T. professionals.

Contact Me

The office is open between 9am and 5pm NSW time Monday to Friday, but closes randomly due to calling out to the client's location. I'm available outside of these hours and days for urgencies only.

Owner, Operator, Technician: Todd Hayden
Mobile Number: 0422 617 278
Physical Address: Unit 4, 59 Boyd Street, Tweed Heads, NSW 2485
Postal Address: PO Box 35, Tweed Heads, NSW 2485

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"Fast, reliable and knowledable and well priced."

"Hi Todd. I am very pleased with the work you did on my computer, it's better than new."

"We have a small business and are extremely happy to have Todd servicing and repairing our five computers. We wouldn't use any other computer guy."

"Great service. Brought my old computer back to life."

"Quick response time, resourceful and gets the job done effectively. Handy for fixing Game Pc's."

"Todd has visited on site and been a fantastic tech support. He is friendly and helpful, prompt in response to our SOS for help and consistently able to problem solve our system challenges. He has made a real difference to the improved efficiency of my home office."

"We run our menu board with computers so when one broke down on a Sunday, and it was a public holiday the next day, we were desperate to find someone to fix it. We made a call to Todd and within 15 minutes he was at our shop working on our computer. Todd backed this up with a phone call on the Tuesday to make sure everything was ok. Terrific service at a reasonable price. If anything at all goes wrong with our computers from now on we will be ringing Todd. Thanks again Todd."

Intel NUC - Ultra Compact Computer

Intel NUC Ultra
					Compact Computer

The Intel NUC, ultra compact computer, is nearly as small as your fist, contains state of the art technology, and is fast. This is why we sell them and not other computers. We're so confident in the hardware's reliability, we've given it a 3 year warranty, which is more than what most computer stores offer. The Intel NUC is ideal for businesses and home users who need a reliable computer with a meaningful warranty agreement. Build your new Intel NUC computer using the listed options below, and an estimate will be calculated for you.

Select your Intel NUC Computer model:
How to choose:
The basic model will have either an Intel Celeron or Pentium processor, is ideal for casual users who have patience, supports up to 8GB RAM.
The mid range model will have an Intel Core i3 processor, is ideal for frequent users, multi-tasking, business and office use, supports up to 32GB RAM.
The high end model will have an Intel Core i7 processor, is for speed enthusiasts, supports up to 32GB RAM.
Standard features in all models are 4x USB3 ports, WiFi, BlueTooth, Ethernet, HDMI and dual screen support.

Select your fast SSD storage capacity:
How to choose:
250GB will store about 36,000 photos or songs, or 20 to 70 2-hour long 1080p HD videos (depending on video format).
500GB will store about twice as much as the 250GB model.
1TB will store about 4 times as much as the 250GB model.

Select your RAM capacity:
How to choose:
4GB is enough for most basic users.
8GB is ideal for multi-tasking, business and office use.
16GB is typically way more than needed for multi-tasking, business and office use.

Select your monitor/screen size:
Please note:
Actual screen sizes may be up to half an inch smaller than advertised size.
No built-in speakers.
Comes with HDMI cable.

Select your second monitor/screen size:
Please note:
Actual screen sizes may be up to half an inch smaller than advertised size.
No built-in speakers.
Comes with USB Type-C to HDMI adapter cable.

Select your keyboard and mouse:

Select your speakers:
How to choose:
The basic speakers are powered by a single USB port and are for those who just want basic audio.
The mid range speakers are for reasonable enjoyment of music and videos (total 10 watt RMS).
The high end speakers are for high-end enjoyment of music and videos (total 400 watt RMS).

Select your external optical disk drive:

Select your operating system:
How to choose:
Microsoft Windows 10 is designed for home users and individuals, is installed for you, genuine user license for 1 computer, and comes with USB flash drive installer.
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional is designed for the office and is required where Network Domains are used, is installed for you, genuine user license for 1 computer, and comes with USB flash drive installer.
Linux Ubuntu has no license fee, installed for you and comes with USB flash drive installer and is for the more tech savvy users.
The none option doesn't come with any operating system and is for advanced users who have their own means of installing an operating system.

Select your office productivity software:
How to choose:
LibreOffice has no license fee, is installed for you, an alternative to Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student edition.
Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student edition designed for the home user, individual or student, NOT installed for you, genuine license for 1 computer, includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote.
Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business edition designed for office or business use, NOT installed for you, genuine license for 1 computer, includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote & Outlook.

Select additional services:
Select additional services:
How to choose:
Customer pickup is for those wanting to pickup their new computer at the office at 59 Boyd Street, Tweed Heads, NSW 2485.
Ship to customer via Australia Post nationwide regular parcel post.
Install Microsoft Office 2019 service will have your new Microsoft Office software redeemed to your Microsoft Account, installed, activated and updated.
Physical setup in your home or workplace is applicable only to addresses within 10km radius of the office at 59 Boyd Street, Tweed Heads, NSW 2485. You will need to have a workstation ready for me to physically install your new computer.
Install printer, including physical setup is applicable only to addresses within 10km radius of the office at 59 Boyd Street, Tweed Heads, NSW 2485. You will need to have a workstation ready for me to physically install your new computer.


Internet Security

Eset heroThe topic of Internet Security is extremely deep and complicated, so I'll give you just the basics. If you have access to the internet or email from any device that uses either Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X or Android operating systems, that device is at risk of being compromised. Having excellent internet security will help mitigate that risk. Internet security includes protection against all forms of malware (viruses, spyware, adware, riskware, trojans, root-kits, worms, keyloggers, etc), and may include a firewall and a spam filter. The right choice in internet security will help prevent your computer and files from being infected, corrupted or stolen. Consider it an investment to protect your assets, and furthermore, if it blocks even one threat, you should consider that a return on the cost of investment because, disinfecting a computer can cost anywhere from $100 to a few hundred dollars, depending on circumstances. Be aware that there is no protection that can protect you from 100% of the threats. The purpose of internet security is to minimise the risk of computer malware infection, identify theft and privacy invasion. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to truly eliminate the risk in our digital world.

For those users who don't historically have issues with malware infections, you are categorically at a low risk, and in which case I would recommend you rely on the built-in malware protection (that applies to both Apple and Microsoft operating systems). But for other users, Eset Internet SecurityI strongly recommend increasing your malware protection by using either Bitdefender's, Eset's, Avira's or Kaspersky's security solutions, depending on what device you are looking to protect and what features you need. This is where I come in. Don't let it get complicated, just let me take care of it for you. That's why I'm here. This is what I do for my clients. My recommendation is primarily based on independent tests performed by a non-profit organisation called AV Comparatives, and secondly my own evaluation. It must be fully automated and not ask any (or extremely few) questions, be robust, have only a minimal hit on your computer's performance, trigger few (if any) false positives, and of course have excellent threat detection and removal abilities. If this sounds too complicated, don't worry, all it means is I know what I'm talking about, so you don't have to. My role is to make your computing life easy.

Filtering out spam or junk emails is included with either vendor's Internet Security editions but sometimes more things can be done to further reduce how much spam or junk email comes through. I can sort this out for you too.

Firewall protection is typically provided first by your internet modem, and usually enabled by default, but second to that is the simple firewall protection which may be built into your device, such as the Windows Firewall. The topic of firewall protection gets very complicated so I won't bore you with the details.

The bottom line is, I can set you up with effective internet security so you can focus on what's important.

Power Surge Protection

Back in the 80s there was no need for power surge protection because the electronic components in computers were much larger which made them robust against electrical disturbances (power surges and power spikes). But these days computers contain extremely microscopic components which makes them very sensitive to power surges and spikes and this has driven the need for power surge protection. Electricity supply fluctuates frequently in all home and workplace power circuits. The fluctuation can often cause power surges and spikes and most go unnoticed with no visible indication that they have occurred and this causes damage to the microscopic electronic components in our computers and many other electronic devices. The extent of damage will vary according to the strength of the power surge or spike, that is, the damage can be as little as slightly wearing out the electronic components reducing their lifespan, to immediate part(s) failure. The first (wearing), is invisible damage until the electronic component can't take any more, and suddenly stops working. In either case, there's almost always no proof it was caused by a power surge or spike unless you can look at it under a powerful microscope. Each power surge and spike that hits the computer, literally subtracts from its lifespan.

So why not pick up a $20 power surge board at the local hardware shop? Because they're useless and in my opinion should be illegal to sell since they're completely false advertisement. Perhaps you should buy an expensive power surge board? Wrong again. Well, most likely wrong. What I mean is, all boards I've researched lack sufficient protection, except for one brand and that brand is Thor Technologies. Let me put it this way: I haven't come across any brand other than Thor Technologies that has sufficient protection. So what is sufficient protection? There are two things you must look for but most products won't label these specifications on their product, and I suppose the reason for that is they know their product doesn't cut it, or they just don't know any better. The two specifications are:

  • Clamping voltage must be less than 300V (Thor Technologies' is 275V)
  • Clamping response time must be less than 1 nanosecond.

Why is this important? 'Clamping' basically means 'the protection mechanisms in the board become active'. In other words, the protection will activate when the incoming voltage increases to 275V or more. The 'clamping response time' is simply how quick the protection mechanisms in the board become active when the incoming voltage reaches 275V or more. A power surge and spike are very similar things, that is, they are both sudden big increases in power, but a spike lasts for about 2 nanoseconds and a surge lasts for about 3 to 4 nanoseconds. This is why a power surge board with a clamping response time of anything slower than 1 nanosecond is useless i.e. the power surge or spike will have come and gone before the protection is active, and that means the damage will already be done.


Thor Technologies' products aren't cheap, but you pay for what you get. For singular devices such as laptops and desktop computers, tablets, televisions, projectors, cash registers, etc, I recommend either of these in this order:

Where multiple points are required, such as desktop computers setups, home theatre systems, etc, I recommend any of these:ebook

Backup Solutions

  • File History - free built-in app to backup and restore folders and files in your User Libraries folders, for Windows 8 and 10.
  • Time Machine - free built-in app to backup and restore all your files or both the Mac operating system (macOS) and all your files.
  • Backup and Restore - free built-in app to backup and restore the entire computer or select folders and files, for Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • Acronis True Image Backup - backup important files, or an image of your entire computer.